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Scott Robbins

My career in landscaping started at the age of 13 mowing lawns with my $119.00 lawn mower from Western Auto Store. I continued mowing lawns until I attended Jamestown Community College where I received my Associates of Science in Computer Science and Math. During the summers while attending JCC, I worked for Charley and Nancy Hanks at Westfield Nursery.

At one point I asked Charley if he would be interested in selling the business. I realized how much I enjoyed landscaping and a career in computer science was just not what I wanted. Charley encouraged me to complete college and see if I was interested at that point.

After taking his and my parents advice, I continued college at RIT, University of Cincinnati, and Cincinnati Technical College. During that time I changed my major from Engineering to Ornamental Horticulture and received an Associates of Science Degree. After changing my major, I thought it might be worth a chance to ask the Hanks' once again if they would be interested in selling their business.

In 1992, Laurie and I purchased the business. We continue to run the business and have enjoyed the decision we made to move back to the area and run Westfield Nursery. It gives us great pleasure to have worked with so many wonderful employees and loyal customers over the years.


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